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10 Most Popular Horse Breeds in the World. – Empowermentss

10 Most Popular Horse Breeds in the World.

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There are many breeds of horses that it may take a whole book to cover this topic. However, Horse comes in every color shape and sizes.There are some species that remain favorite among horse lovers. While it is a very tough task to discuss all of them.
Here are 10 Most Popular Breeds around the globe. Let’s check it out:

1. Arabian Horse:The Arabian is expensive and favorite horse all over the world. Its the resident of the Arabian peninsula, It is easily spotted by its particular size & tail carriage.It is considered a ancient breeds of horses and also known for its endurance and spirit.Arabian horses are used in many fields includes saddle seat, western, and dressage.

2. Quarter Horse:It is an American breed. It is popular in U.S and considered the largest breed is the fastest breed of horse in short distance. It is very popular in competition and trail. They are also used for riding pleasure riding and western events like barrel racing, roping, cutting, however, it is used as racehorses.

3. Thoroughbred: It is known as horse racing. It was developed in around 17th century in England. This breed is known for its heart and high spirits.It is a very good sport horse and can also use as a hunter, jumper and also for polo, fox hunting.

4. Morgan: It is a versatile horse that is famous for the highly agreeable, compact and brave horse. It is a ancient breeds in the united states.IT is small in size but a big-hearted horse.

5. Paint: American horse has a unique combination of western stock and pinto. According to APHA is a true breed that has true bloodline and unique characteristics of the breed. It is also used as a pleasure horse.

6. Tennessee Walker: It is a gaited variety of horse which was developed during the 18th century in the southern U.S for plantation and farm use.

7. Appaloosa:It was developed by the Native American tribe(Nez parse) in the northwest Pacific. This horse is known as a colorful spotted pattern of the coat.It is a tough, hardy, independent and big bodied sure-footed horse. Appaloosas are used as trail and pleasure horse.

8. Miniature Horse:In the 1600s this miniature horse was developed in Europe. They are too small horses, not ponies. It was used as a pet in coal mines in the past but today it is used as service animals and driving horses.

9. Warmblood:Warmblood is technically not a true breed but a group of different breeds of animal Hanoverian, Trakehner,and Holsteiner etc. It is characterized by open stud and considered as prowess jumping and prowess horses.

10. Andalusian: it is a Spanish breed that was developed in Iberian peninsula. this breed was first recognized in the around 15th century.It is recognized by its unique tail and thick manes. It is an elegant, strong and compact horse breed. It is found in bay or grey colour.These horses are used for jumping, driving and dressage.

Besides 10 most popular breed world, other notable mentions are: • Shetland Pony • Gypsy Vanner • Morgan Horse • Rocky Mountain Horse • Friesian Horse

Bottom line: Horse is a faithful companions of humans since ancient times. Many breeds of horse are results of selective breeding of horses in hundreds of years. However, there are some species that are very popular among horse lover due to their unique characteristics. From Arabia to Morgan and from miniature to warmblood the horses always were and always will be fascinating to humans.

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