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10 Signs that Show your Horse is Happy – Empowermentss

10 Signs that Show your Horse is Happy

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All horse owners want to ensure that their horses are well fed, healthy and generally happy. Finding out about how your horse is feeling is easy if you know what you have to look out for. In this article, we will be sharing with you, 10 Signs your horse is happy,

1. Observe the tail
The tail is considered to be a good gauge to find out how animals are feeling, for instance, dogs. If the tail of your horse is swinging back and forth in an orderly fashion, it signifies that your horse is happy. The tail must also seem relaxed.
2. Look out for the ears!
If the ears of your horse are forward and sharp, it shows happiness. They will seem engrossed in the surroundings and receptive to any sounds made.
3. The Movement of the Legs
Whenever the horse is pawing the ground, it shows that they want to play. If they want to play, it obviously means that the horse is happy.
4. Listen for sounds near the nose
When satisfied and happy, the horse will breathe heavily and quickly through the nostrils, creating a ‘snort’ sound.
5. Observe its interaction with its herd
If your horse is happy, it would be mixing and interacting well with its herd. However, if it is isolating itself from the rest of the horses, it could be signs of unhappiness and stress.
6. Its Lower Jaw
If the horse is happy, its lower jaw would be hanging loosely and might even have drool dripping out. The muscles of the jaw should be smooth and soft. However, if the jaw is tensed, it can be signs of stress and unhappiness.
7. Watch for the General Health of your horse
Look out for symptoms of illnesses that might be affecting your horse. Contracting illnesses could be the biggest reason for the unhappiness of your horse, Common problems include Ring Worm, Cold, Cough, sudden and drastic weight loss and colic. If any of these problems recur, please consult your vet as soon as possible.
8. Interaction between you and your horse
If your horse tries to use his muzzle to touch you, it could be signs of curiosity or affection. When you have spent enough time with your horse, you will get to know more about his body language and understand him better.
You can then use this knowledge to find out how your horse is feeling.
9. Food
Similar to mammals, the feelings of horses can relate to their appetites. Check how much your horse is eating. If your horse is suddenly not eating its food, it could be signs of sickness or simply unhappiness.
In addition, observe whether your horse is grazing or not. If your horse is grazing, it means that your horse is happy and there is nothing to worry about
10. Biting of Stables
If your horse bites its stable, it might be a sign of stress and unhappiness. Another reason might be excitement. If this problem occurs, it is best to spend some time to play with your horse.
In conclusion, keeping your horse happy is generally simple.
In order to see whether your horse is happy, you should try to use these mentioned points. We hope this article helped you!

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