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Awesome Benefits of Stretching – Empowermentss

Awesome Benefits of Stretching

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The human body is incredible. It is a perfectly articulated machine. When you get up every morning, you get moving and activate the systems that will have you standing all day. But, have you ever thought how to make your body better prepared to start another journey?

Stretching is one of the practices that you should incorporate into your daily routine.

Daily stretching is capable of providing benefits to your physical and mental health. Below we are going to discuss awesome benefits of stretching.

1. Develop the power of concentration.

Stretching not only implies physical effort but demands concentration and attention in the movements made. Therefore, focusing on these routines prepares you to gain more concentration in other areas of your lives.

2. Improve flexibility

Stretching allows you to improve flexibility and, therefore, the ability to move your joints. The more flexible you are, the better the performance in physical activities. In addition, it lowers the risk of getting injuries, since it would allow the muscles to work better.

3. Avoid injuries and increase elasticity

The lactic acid that muscles release when exercising tends to crystallize and form rigid fibers. Performing stretching helps release lactic acid and thereby eliminates muscle stiffness and the possibility of suffering chronic injuries or pain. By eliminating stiffness, you are more elastic, which will also help to keep you younger.

4. Reduce stress

If a person feels exhausted and overwhelmed by everyday obligations, good advice is to take time to stretch. That simple exercise will allow you to feel better as the level of constant tension will be reduced. I.e., while the muscles are tight or hard, it sends the message to the brain that one is stressed. On the other hand, a chronically stretched muscles send the opposite message, indicating that everything is fine.

5. Improves posture

A very stressed body generates posture problems and pain. For this reason, stretching would produce the opposite effect.

6. It helps prevent rheumatoid arthritis.

Stretching the muscles can help prevent stiffness in the joints, strengthen muscles, improve endurance, and benefit the heart, bones, and mood.

7. Increase your will and motivation in life.

The effort you must make to work some parts of your body will help you increase the motivation to do it well or, at least, get better. This will be easily translated into the rest of your daily life, as you will be more motivated to do other activities.

8. Prevents osteoporosis

Stretching tense muscles would contribute to promoting good mechanics in ​​the spine and the posture adopted. Muscles that are usually tense include those used to bend them back, raise and rotate the shoulders, lift the knees, and push the feet toward the body. A slow and gentle stretch is recommended to the point of elongation that does not cause pain.


Remember that stretching is not everything. It is necessary to combine it with warm-ups, exercises, and a balanced diet to be healthier and face your life with more energy and strength. Also, it is important to consult specialists to help us perform stretching exercises correctly.

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