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Creating a Diabetic Diet Plan: 30 Foods to Avoid – Page 2 – Empowermentss

Creating a Diabetic Diet Plan: 30 Foods to Avoid


4. Red Meat

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Red meats are rich in proteins. Additionally, they are good sources of iron. Common sources of red meat include beef, veal, mutton, and pork, etc. This type of meat normally forms part of a healthy diet. Although red meats have lots of health benefits, they are not suitable for diabetics. The high levels of saturated fats can increase the risk of diabetes. Besides that, they can cause cardiovascular diseases. The combination of all these diseases can be lead to serious health complications in diabetics. Generally, red meats normally lead to insulin resistance. This is because they contain nitrites and nitrates that interfere with the way the pancreas functions.

5. Pastries

Most of us love sweet treats like sausage rolls, tarts, pies, and croissants. Pastries support the optimal functioning of the body. This is because they contain phytochemicals that help to stimulate the immune system. However, these food products contain a high number of carbs. Besides that, they also have high amounts of fat. The combination of high-fat and high-carb content means that they have a high number of calories. A diabetic is, therefore, at a high risk of developing cardiovascular disease, gain more weight, and even experience digestive complications.

Bottled Tea

Pure teas have lots of health benefits. They contain antioxidants and polyphenols which help to fight a broad range of illnesses. However, bottled teas contain low levels of polyphenols. Besides that, they have high levels of sugar. For a person with diabetes, drinking bottled tea can quickly cause a sugar spike.

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These drinks also have low levels of antioxidants. So rather than these beverages fighting radicals from the body, they end up introducing new components.

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