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How to Avoid Foods That Are Bad for Your Heart – Empowermentss

How to Avoid Foods That Are Bad for Your Heart

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We all know that many people are considered as food lover and we cannot deny that fact. We love to eat different variant of foods from fast food chains, restaurant, cafe, food stall, and food market.
Many countries served delicious foods that are locally made which is one of the reason why tourists love to visit that place. But remember, too much eating foods is bad to your health that can lead you to many kind of diseases.
There are many foods that are very delicious but contained some factors which is very dangerous to our heart.
Here are the factors that can lead into a heart diseases:
* Sugar – too much sugar content in foods can lead to obesity, high blood sugar level, and high blood pressure which is very dangerous to our heart. According to the study that those people who consumed 20 percent or above calories from added sugar a day had a greater risk to die from heart disease.
* Salty foods – eating salty foods can make your blood pressure higher because salt produces extra water stored in the body. Having a higher blood pressure can lead to heart attacks or strokes.
* Fatty foods – eating fatty foods can increase blood cholesterol and heart attack rates. It can also increase your blood pressure.
So how to avoid foods that are bad for your heart ?
It is very dangerous to your heart to eat that kind of foods with too much sugar, salt, and fat content. If you wanted your heart to become healthy, try to apply this simple steps so that you will become safe to any risk of heart diseases. Avoid the foods that contained those factors and start eating healthy foods like the following:
– Foods rich in vitamin E like dark green vegetables and wholegrain products, because vitamin E has an antioxidant which protects our body against the bad cholesterol.
– Eating legumes like peas,chickpeas, peanuts and soybeans that help to lower cholesterol levels.
– Drinking tea is a good way too because it contains antioxidant who prevents build-up of fatty deposits in the arteries.
– Garlic contains allicin which is used to prevent major diseases like heart disease and cancer and helps to lower cholesterol levels.
– Fruits and vegetables is a good choice also because it contains antioxidants that protect us from heart diseases.
– Eating tuna and salmon too because this fish are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential nutrient that is important in preventing heart disease. It also improves blood vessel elasticity and thins the blood so that it won’t block the blood flow.
– Most of all, be physically active. Just do some exercises like jogging or walking everyday for just 30 minutes to 1 hour.
It is not bad to eat the foods we love but always remember that eating too much is bad to our health, we must think that eating in moderation and healthier way is better to have a healthy heart and body and specially we are away in some diseases that might kill us someday.

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