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How to Be Healthier with Minimal Effort – Empowermentss

How to Be Healthier with Minimal Effort

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Are you someone who has a lot on your plate lately (yes, pun intended)? Are you finding it hard to balance work, a social life and family while focusing on remaining healthy? Today people have many responsibilities and with media expanding, these responsibilities are under heavier microscopes than ever before. That being said, here is a list on How to Be Healthier with Minimal Effort because taking short cuts to be a healthier you and not changing a lot in your daily routine is possible.

1. Drink water

This may be one of the easiest things to change about your daily routine because water is portable and available. Buy water bottles and keep one in your car, the office and at home so you always have one to fill up and drink from. You can even buy water bottles with infuses to add some lemon or other fruit if you’re someone who appreciates flavour.

2. Avoid sugary drinks

Sugary drinks are empty calories. They offer no nutrients and will never quench your thirst. Sugary drinks also increase your risk of heart disease and diabetes. They’re not worth it so skip the sugar crave when you can.

3. Drink black coffee

A lot of people need coffee when they wake up and if you’re someone who cannot live without caffeine don’t worry, this list won’t tell you to stop drinking it. However, you may have to alter how you take your coffee to be healthier. Sugar, cream, milk and other additives are unnecessary calories in your everyday routine.

4. Make a grocery list

Aimlessly walking through the grocery store with an open mind will leave you buying food you don’t need and impulse buy junk food more often because of those awesome sales. Making a list will keep you focused on what you need to get and avoid buying whatever catches your eyes.

5. Don’t shop hungry

On the topic of grocery shopping, one of the worst ways to buy more food than what you need is grocery shopping hungry. Everything you enjoy will look particularly yummy that day and temptation will be harder to avoid so at least a snack before your shopping trip.

6. Buy healthy snacks and don’t over snack

When making your grocery list, add healthier snack options according to your personal preferences. For example, if you have a sweet tooth consider fruits high in natural sugars like apples to cure those cravings. Buying healthier snacks will also help you avoid over snacking. Try meal prepping Sunday nights or another night that fits your schedule so you know what you’re eating for meals and not filling the time in between snacking.

7. Eat from a smaller plate or bowl

A psychological study found that during an experiment, people who ate from a bottomless bowl (a bowl the researchers kept filling from a tube in the bottom) ate a lot more than the people who had regular bowls. The bottomless bowl group also claimed they were full later than the regular bowl group. This shows that when putting your food on smaller dishes, you won’t overeat and will know when you’re full faster.

8. Walk more often

This is another simple one that can be as easy as taking a different walking route to work or walking around on your break. Walking is a highly effective exercise that causes less knee problems than running and humans already do it everyday. Walking more will burn more calories and won’t take time out of your day to go to the gym.

9. Sleep

If it is possible, turn off electronics as early as you can before bed and try to get to sleep around the same time every night. Your body uses this precious time to restore your cells after a long day out. This will boost your immune system keeping you healthier!

10. Meditate

Finally, try to meditate at least once a day. Meditating helps with stress relief and living under high stress is extremely bad for your health. Especially living with a busy schedule, finding some time for yourself everyday is key to reach a healthier you.

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