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How to Ride a Horse – Empowermentss

How to Ride a Horse

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Riding a Horse can be increasingly difficult to start off with; that is why it is normally recommended for a trainer who already knows to ride a horse well, to teach you on your journey for riding a Horse. But, there are other ways, and you can trust me; some of the ways can lift your spirit to ride a fun Horse well than you ever had done before.


Also, I also recommend taking a online course, because those sort of videos/articles will help you in every way.To start, I didn’t even know how to do this to start with.


Riding a Horse can be difficult; especially, when you do not have the experience. Horses are not to be compared with a Cat or a Dog; because, they are not easy to handle to start off with.


Horses are the sort of animal that the human, and the Horse need to collaborate – They practically both need to work together, like tieing a rope to two humans legs, and ignoring the fact they need to get to the finish line first, they still need to work together. Well, that is a Human and a Horse.

To begin with, make sure your Horse has the correct fitted gear (and also fits the environment – e.g. western riding will be different from riding in the UK) and when doing this, make sure you never approach the Horse from behind; It is an experience you’ll never forget – a bad experience.

Then, when you have equipped the Horse and yourself with the correct uniform (advised to wear a Helmet, and comfortable clothing), you can then get onto your Horse by putting the thigh of your left foot into the left stirrup of your horse, and while Holding with your Hand, the Horse’s saddle’s pommel or if you’d like, a horn, you then spring yourself or simply lift yourself up onto the Horse.


Then before the Horse moves (most are likely to), gently as you swing your right leg over the back of the Horse, then, make sure you land in the saddle as (not-fast) gently as possible – you don’t want the Horse getting a fast reaction and throwing you off the Horse.

It is recommend for beginners to use a plastic stair blockor a friend to help you get up to begin with. Then, after that, you can start going by saying ‘Go’ or ‘Walk’ and the Horse will simply follow your instructions. But make sure you pull on the Saddle as gently as possible, staying in rhythm with the Horse’s rhythm. When the Horse is going too fast, you can pull the reigns backwards to stop the Horse from going too fast.


It is advised to not yell or pull the reigns too hard or the Horse will react too quickly and throw you off. To steer left and right is more simple than you would expect; Just press your left thigh of your foot into the Horse to turn right, and your right calf in your foot into the Horse to turn left. To get off your Horse, swing your left leg over the Horse to your right leg and slowly get off your Horse. Make sure you bend your knees as you land to make sure that you do not land too fast; the impact at that you land at, to a cool, good, slow speed. It as easier as you think, but with much practice, everyone is guaranteed to get it right!

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