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How to Stay Fit and Beautifully Healthy – Empowermentss

How to Stay Fit and Beautifully Healthy

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One of my friends is a fitness trainer. Two weeks ago, we were downtown, drinking tea. And another friend of mine asked him whether genes have anything to do with obesity, which means weight gain. Our friend, the fitness trainer, told us a story.

This is what he said…

One year ago, I was at the park, sitting on a bench. And a chubby-looking boy came to the bench and sat down next to me. He was eating a hamburger and using his smartphone at the same time. Several moments later, a slim and lissome girl – with headphones in her ears – swept alongside us and proceeded with her running as gracefully as a galloping horse.

The boy looked at his pudgy stomach, glanced up at me, and sadly said, “Everyone in my family is fat. I hate my genes.” At that moment, I snatched his hamburger and his phone, and I started to run. The boy screamed, “HEY COME BACK YOU THIEF!” then jumped to his feet and ran down after me.

He was chasing me for more than seven minutes and then caught me. As a matter of fact, I let him caught me. He was holding his knees, panting. I gave him back the phone and the hamburger, and this is what I told him. “You’ve just lost as many calories as this hamburger has. You can eat it now, and you won’t add even a gram to your weight. But if you stop eating hamburgers and run like this for at least three to four times a day, you won’t confuse genes with exercising ever again.”

That was the end of his story, and we can all learn a valuable lesson from it. Some people can start to lose hair due
to family genes. That’s true. But being fat or not – is nothing but a choice. It’s not a permanent condition. Everyone can start losing weight whenever he wants, so long as he makes that firm decision and sticks to it by any means necessary.

Here are some tips on how to stay fit and beautifully healthy.


Eating chocolate and high-calorie food – is like a bad smoking habit. At some point, you stop smoking, and you don’t
light one single cigarette for over a month. But then, you get nervous and you light one, just one, and that one (Almost in every case) leads to another, which in turn results in buying a pack of cigarettes from the shop. What I’m trying to say is that only one candy bar can throw months and months of exercising and dieting struggles into the thrash.

So, if you’re going to stop eating unhealthy food, do that for good.

Nowadays, there are numerous types of dieting foods to choose from. You can start with fruits and vegetables. Several
apples, for instance, would help you put food-cravings aside and feel satiated for almost four hours. Also, don’t eat high-fat meats, stick to the lean ones like chicken and red meat, or even pork chops – if you trim off the fat, of course.

Beans also belong to the high-protein group of dieting foods, and they not only provide us with protein but also with
iron, magnesium, fiber, and phosphorus.


Eating six to seven small portions a day is way better than having two or three huge meals. An overfed stomach won’t
do any good in exercising. You’ll spend more time in kneeling and panting than in running or lifting weights.


If you base your food and exercise plan on some basic calorie-calculations, you’d start losing weight faster than you think. There is no better food and exercise planning than knowing how many calories you consume and how many you burn per day. To do the calculations – all you need to do is consult Google. Just type in the kind of food you consume,
and you can find out how many calories it contains. Just type in the type of exercise you do, and you can find out how many calories you can burn per hour with it. It’s that simple. Therefore, do your research, do the calculations, and start losing weight like a pro.

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